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Freight Management with Loadrunners – A Quick Overview

We know a lot of trust goes into letting someone get your cargo to where it needs to be. To make the decision to entrust us with your valuable freight a little bit easier, we’ll give you an overview of our freight management services.

Domestic Airfreight

Available on a same and next day delivery service to all major centres, next day delivery is effected by 10am the following day depending on the delivery destination, making expert freight management services even more attainable. Please note this service is based on flight availability at the time of lodging the cargo at the airport.

Domestic Road Freight

An “economy” delivery service to all major city centres and outlying areas nationally and to cross bordering countries, transit times depend on the destination, although it is approximately between one and three working days. Remote areas may be subject to an additional day.

Direct Loads

A service which allows for larger loads to be loaded and offloaded from and to its destination with no further handling. You can even seal the truck with your own seal. Cargo is sent via road freight and you are not charged for a round trip or a return load to the trucks original collection point.

Warehousing, Picking & Packing & Distribution

A service which provides a per square meter safe and secure warehousing facility where containers can be destuffed for warehousing. Picking & packing of your product for distribution is also offered as part of this service.

International Export Airfreight

A service which provides airfreight of envelope and parcel deliveries to anywhere in the world from South Africa. Delivery of these packages take between 3 and 7 days depending on the destination

Consolidated Loads

This service provides clients with the opportunity to buy deck space on a vehicle, utilize a container, pan-tech, flat-deck, or curtain-side 6 or 12 metre dedicated vehicle with no other freight for larger shipments. This charge does not attract fuel levies or minimums, and the vehicle has a maximum of 3 stops, ensuring a speedier delivery time as there is less cargo handling.

Same Day Express

This service offers a guaranteed same day delivery to all major centres in South Africa, subject to flight availability. Should the need arise, dedicated same day deliveries can also be arranged to remote areas.

Overnight Express

This service provides a delivery to all major city centres and regional areas no later than 10:30 the following work day. If the delivery day is required on a Saturday we can assist but there will be a Saturday delivery surcharge added to the final cost of the delivery.

The overnight express service can be used for some remote areas, this cargo takes priority once the driver enters that remote area. Keep in mind, however, delivery times in remote areas can’t be guaranteed.

Special Projects

We are entirely flexible, and can align our services to our clients’ needs. Should you have a shipment that requires specialised attention, we’re your first option. We’re proud of our proven record of accomplishing successfully tailored projects.

Our team is always at hand to provide you with the expert advice and solutions you need from your freight management company. Tap into our vast network, great buying power and established logistics to get your freight to where it needs to go, on time and on budget.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Transporters charge either for the space you utilize or the weight of the cargo you are wanting to send. Volume over weight is calculated when the cargo’s actual weight is very little but the item being sent is very big. The law requires a transporter to abide by the laws which govern the rules and regulation of our countries roads. Certain trucks have certain payloads which dictate the weight that the particular truck is allowed to carry. The volume is determined by the size of the bin the truck has attached behind it. For this reason, the transporter must charge the greater between volume or actual weight for each consignment.

A Fuel surcharge is a percentage surcharge added onto each consignments delivery price to cover the fuel portion that increases and decreases monthly according the government. This increase/decrease is published on the first Wednesday of every month and lasts for the full month. As fuel is a massive contributing factor to your delivery price (approximately 35%) no transport company would be able to survive without including this fluctuation into its cost price and selling price. Our fuel surcharge is calculated using the following method. Fuel component (35%) x Increase in fuel cost (%) x Freight Charge.

To calculate volume a factor has been set by each division of the transport industry for e.g Road Freight Volume Factor is 4000 or 5000, Airfreight is 6000, Cross Border Transport is 3000. To calculate the volume of your cargo take the length, breadth and height of each parcel or item in cm and divide it by its relevant volume factor.
e.g 1 box L=50cm x B=50cm x H=50cm/4000 =

Yes we do. Chain stores require us to wait in long ques or attend to booking dates and times before the driver is offloaded. This can sometimes take the whole day and for that reason transporters or couriers charge a surcharge per consignment for delivering to a chain store or a booking surcharge to deliver at a certain place at a certain time.

We certainly are please refer to our downloads section to download our latest BEE Certificate.

Transporters incur charges for driving vehicles from one place to another. Should you cancel a collection at the last minute a transporter will charge you a missed collection fee to recover the cost of the driver’s time and the fuel he utilised to get to the collection point. If you give a couple of hours’ notice you will not be charged as it did not cost the transporter anything if he hasn’t sent the driver to collect as yet.

Yes, transporters require special licenses to transport goods of a hazardous nature for instance paint, chemicals and etc. If you have a MSDS sheet classifying your goods as hazardous in nature be aware that you need a hazardous goods transporter. Always let us know the nature of the goods you are sending. We will ask you the relevant questions to ensure we are compliant in carrying your goods. Please refer to our downloads section to download our hazardous goods policy.

It depends where the goods are being sent from and to. Our freight calculator will assist you in establishing this as there are many different types of services you can choose from. The longest delivery time is 96 hours from collection for all National Deliveries and 102 hours for cross border deliveries e.g Namibia

Our companies’ maximum liability in terms of damages and negligence is R10,000.00 per consignment. Should the value of the goods you are sending exceed this please notify us in writing so we are able to source you the required insurance amount as an extra charge. Please refer to our claims policy. Our insurance company sets the rules and regulations in terms of claims. Claims take a minimum amount of 6 weeks to be investigated.

Tel No: (011) 453-4000
Cell No: 083 601 7796
Contact Person: Orlando
Tel No: 011 315 1399/ 011 312 1509
Cell No: 0872372023
Contact Person: Phillip

Each transport companies control document is referred to as a waybill. This is your instruction to us on what must happen to the goods. Usually the driver brings one with him and shows you how to complete it. Account customers are able to create their waybills online before the driver comes to collect.

Yes we will do our best to ensure the paperwork that goes with our control document the waybill is signed and returned to you. Please notify us in the special instructions section that you require this. If for some reason we lose a copy of your document we will request a replacement and send the driver out to ensure he gets your document signed. The waybill however is our proof of delivery in terms of payment for your delivery.

Please refer to our downloads section on the website where you are able to down a pdf copy of our credit application.

Yes, you can we do not require you to have an account with us before you can make use of our services. Please complete the relevant information into our freight calculator which will give you an instant quote. You can then pay online or contact our offices and we will assist you further.

Our maximum amount of liability per consignment is R10,000.00 should the value of your item exceed this amount please notify us in writing and we will obtain and insurance quote for you at an additional fee.

Not unless you request us to do so and at a additional cost. If you are sending a truck full of goods you need to arrange your own labour to load and offload the vehicle.

Yes we do however a surcharge is charged as the vehicles and drivers incur more damage, loss, hijackings and etc delivering into dangerous areas.

Please make note of the drivers name and surname, Id No, Place where accident took place. Take photos of your vehicle the drivers vehicle. All accidents must be reported to a police station within 24 hours of it taking place. If you are unable to do any of this the minimum requirement is the trucks registration number, where the accident took place. Photos of the damage and send it to info@loadrunnerssa.co.za with your case number and we will handle it directly with our insurance broker.

We will respond with your collection number if we have all the required information

As long as the collection is given to us before 13:00 we will be able to collect same day. If you are situated in an outlying area we will advise you of when we can collect or deliver in your area.

All goods should be sufficiently packaged in a box, bag, crate, bundle or shrink wrapped onto a pallet to protect its contents. Please remember that your goods will be handled a minimum of 4 times before the recipient receives it. Collection from you, transfer to linehaul vehicle, transfer off linehaul vehicle and into distribution vehicle and then delivered. If you don’t package the items well enough it will not survive the distribution chain. Also your goods are not the only goods on the truck there are millions of other odd shaped items with your items.

Due to the high crime rate in our country we do not allow our drivers to carry any cash with them at all. We will accept payment online via EFT, Instant Transfer, Credit Card alternatively we do supply our banking details on our quotes requests that come through the office.

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