Your professional courier services provider can take all the care with your parcel, but if it’s not properly packaged, the chances of its contents getting damaged while in transit increases exponentially. Avoid this by packing your parcel properly, and increasing the chances of it reaching its destination in the best condition.

Our professional courier services are ready to deliver your package to any place you want to send it. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you properly pack your package, and make sure it’s ready for its journey.

#1 Right Sized Box

To start your courier journey off, you need to have the correct sized box for items to be packed in. Choosing the right sized box facilitates the delivery of goods in a safe and easy way.

#2 Strong Box

Avoid the mistake of choosing a box that’s too weak, and prone to damage.

#3 Bubble Wrap Is Your Best Friend

Securely wrap your item in bubble wrap to keep it from being broken or damaged while in transit. Secure the item properly in the box to avoid it from moving or rolling about.

#4 Perishable Items

Avoid couriering perishable goods. It can cause problems to the courier, and can likely damage other parcels too if it spoils en route to its destination.

#5 Delivery Address

Don’t forget to write the destination and sender address clearly on the package itself, aside from all the other areas where the delivery address is required to be written down.